Transparency Autofecc

The information provided on this site is intended to provide a general overview of our products and services without being exhaustive. Omissions or errors may appear in the description of a vehicle.
Nevertheless, we strive to do the best for it to be the cheapest. Before relying on any information provided on this site, you need to verify and / or supplement to our sales department.

Stock / Availability:

  • All our vehicles are in stock and Autofecc properties.
  • At your request we also post your vehicle "being repatriated", we distinguish between the concept of "Coming Soon" with synthetic pictures (catalog) of the vehicle via the constructor.
  • We remove our sites and advertising partners, paid and delivered vehicles. It may therefore a vehicle no longer available.

Price negotiable?

  • All our vehicles are displayed at the best rates, negotiation is not possible.

Reversals of your vehicle?

  • For the guarantee and respect of our customers, following numerous fraud and hidden defects, we regret to inform you not to continue this service.

How can I see and / or test drive before you buy?

  • For an appointment, please contact one of our consultants via our website "Contact" or by telephone
    at +352 26383805.
  • To perform a test, it is essential to get an appointment with one of our sales representatives.

How do I book a car?

  • To reserve a vehicle, you will be asked to pay 10% of the car's selling price.
  • By physically coming to go to our shop to entrust your deposit to our advisers.
  • By bank transfer.


  • All our vehicles are guaranteed 12 months (valid in the brand's network in Europe)
  • A manufacturer warranty extension is possible.


  • We provide you with all the necessary documents for your vehicle registration
  • No additional taxes.

Buy as a professional, can I recover VAT?

  • For the majority of our private or commercial vehicles, VAT is recoverable (see Taxation referring to your profession).
  • We advise all the same to inquire directly with our advisors.

Can you seek or offer other vehicles?

  • We do not do research; we only work with our stock.

How to recover the vehicle?

  • Coming into our premises at 56 Rue Cessange L-1320 Luxembourg. If you come by train we are 10 minutes by taxi from the Luxembourg Railway Station.

How to ensure the vehicle?

  • By contacting your insurance the plate and chassis number on your order form.

What method of payment do you accept?

  • The payments are by bank transfer.
  • We do not accept checks.




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